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~ Goobliteration - definition ~


Contraction of the words "Google" and "Obliteration" which literally means Google-obliterated or Google-blot-out
I (Jérôme at invented this word as it perfectly represents the situation:
The KING GOOGLE on his land Google Play (or Android Market) is updating his conditions and doesn't hesitate to delete any application which does not follow the stric rules about competitors in kingdom. Of course this is done without notice to the developer, without backup or whatever. Even worse, if unlucky the whole Google account including merchand account are deleted without notice.
Of course it is always possible to open a new account but impossible to link the old applications and installations to the new account in order to update them for example... unless the developer added an emergency-update-back-door prior to the Goobliteration.

I did experiment the Goobliteration of my application "Google Now Fast Search" and having an illegal link to the competitor "Paypal" (which does not take 30% of margin)[1] in my other application "Antenne Freemobile", this last one is now ready for a Goobliteration thanks to an emergency exit update door :)
Feel free to spread the word, I'm not the only one :(

Jérôme, 2014-04-08.

[1] Paypal fees: 2.9% + $0.30

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