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app_description **FREE**

'Timeout3g' switches the data connection (edge,2g,3g,4g,H,…) automatically OFF when screen goes off (after a timeout) in order to save power. It brings the connexion back ON when screen goes on.

Time before disconnection can be changed in advanced settings.

Donate/Full version periodically re-connects so other apps can synchronize emails, messenger, whatsapp, etc.

If you are using a taskiller, then please add timeout3g to the safe list or it will not work: do not kill timeout3g.

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Did you try the timeout3g-FREE version?

'Timeout3g' switch the data connection (edge,2g,3g,3g+,4g,H) automatically off after a timeout on screen off in order to save power, and makes the connexion running on screen on.

Time before disconnection can be set by user.
Possibility to have an periodical reconnection for Push (emails check).

If you're using a taskiller, then please add timeout3g to the safe list.

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Keywords: "timeout 3g", "apn", "data switch"
title_main Timeout3g, save energy during Standby
title_advanced_settings Timeout3g > Advanced settings
title_mode Timeout3g > Mode selection
app_name Timeout3g
app_name_free Timeout3g-free
TextViewTimeout Time elapsed before the data disconnection:
TextViewPeriod Synchronization period time:
(Email check, …)
TextViewPush Synchronization ON time:
TextViewMarket Market:
TxtVersion Version:
TxtFreeVersion Free (limited settings)
TxtCheckBoxActiv Enable automatic disconnection.
TxtCheckBoxAutorun Start application at phone's start.
TxtCheckBoxPower_AC Leave connection active if AC plugged.
TxtCheckBoxPower_USB Leave connection active if USB plugged.
TxtCheckBoxHotspot Leave connection active if Hotspot Wifi is enabled.
TxtCheckBoxPeriod Use periodical connection
(for Email check…)
TxtCheckBoxLockrun Connect only after unlock
(Requires any lockscreen)
TxtCheckBoxModePickerInNotificationBar Mode picker in notification bar
TxtCheckBoxContentMonitor Monitor external data toggles
TxtExpireDate Update before mm.dd.yyyy
menu_save_close Save and Close
menu_contact Contact
menu_key_check License Key
menu_buy Support
menu_advanced Advanced
menu_main Home
menu_translate Translate
ButtonPickTime Change timer
ButtonCheck Check
ButtonCancel Cancel
ButtonClose Close
ButtonOk OK
ButtonPickPeriod Change period
ButtonModify Change
ButtonHome Settings
TitleRegisterKey License Key Registering
dialog_uninstall_older_apk Free version will be uninstalled to avoid conflicts…
dialog_wait Please wait while checking…
txt_licence License key:
( Market)
txt_licence_email Email:
(Only if licensed)
txt_email Google account:
txt_checkout Google Checkout order number:
(Google Play Store / Android Market)
toast_checked Timeout3g license key checked!
mode_StandbyOff Disconnect in standby
mode_AlwaysOn Connection always ON
mode_AlwaysOff Connection always OFF
mode_AutoOn Screen on: connected
mode_AutoOff Standby: disconnected
mode_AutoSync Standby: synchronization
mode_airplane Airplane auto ON/OFF
status_airplane_always Radio always OFF (Airplane)
status_airplane_on Radio auto OFF (Airplane)
status_airplane_off Radio auto ON
status_airplane_sync Radio auto SYNC
notificationTickerText New connection mode: "%mode%"
notificationContentTitle %mode%
notificationContentText Select to change
market_play Google Play Store (Automatic)
market_google Google Play Store (Manual)
market_email Email
TextViewMethod Switching method:
method_array Automatic
Android built-in (2.3.1 < Android < 5.0)
APN hack (Android < 4.0)
ROOT (Android >= 5.0)
alert_google_login_incorrect Your Google login is incorrect!
alert_key_not_checked #1: License not verified, press 'menu' > 'License Key' .
alert_network_error #2: Network error! Internet connection is required.
alert_3 #3: Error
alert_4 #4: Error
alert_5 #5: License verified! Thank you for your support.
alert_6 #6: The entered license key is invalid.
alert_7 #7: The entered license key seems to be invalid.
alert_8 #8: Please update the application!
alert_9 #9: Error
alert_10 #10: Error
alert_11 #11: Thank you for your support.
alert_12 #12: Error
alert_13 #13: The entered Google-Checkout order number is invalid.
alert_14 #14: The entered Google-Checkout order number seems to be invalid.
alert_15 #15: Update:
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